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It's November, and ski season is almost upon us. Here are some articles to help you get in "ski-shape". Check it out in featured articles of the month.

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Welcome to Women's Sports Information!

Women's Sports Information is a site dedicated to helping women athletes play their sport better. Use Women's Sports Information to find women-specific sports information. We love sports and want to share sports information as it pertains to women athletes. Our pages are jam packed with resources and links to find equipment and sports tips for women, as researched by women. Use Women's Sports Information to be better informed and better equipped, find out where to play, and how to play your sport better. Because sport is life!

Snow season is almost here.
Snow season is almost here. Stay (or get) in ski-shape with the Snow Mamas Get in Shape for the Winter Ski Season.

National Women’s Conference
In November of 1977, the first National Women’s Conference was held in Houston Texas. Issues discussed ranged from equal rights, child care funding, to the rights of disabled, minority and aging women. Every year around November 18-21, most states hold a Women’s Conference.

Girls Gone Strong

FitnessRX for Women

Women's Health


Find articles about women in sports, women sports, or women's fitness (or submit your own).

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Find information on the women's gear you need for your sport, with an eye on products designed with the women athlete in mind. Looking for beginning or advanced advice? Coaching the kids in the local league. Need a ruling? Check out these pages to find tips and info on your sport. Sports include basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, running, swimming

Cool Links

Here are some women's sports-related web sites that are informative, women-centric, or we just plain like.

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Found an informative article you'd like to share? Recently bought a women's sports product that you like? Tips for your playing or practicing your favorite sports? Drop us a line!
Stanford Women's Basketball Blog

It's here, C and R's blog/commentary on Stanford Women's Basketball (among other things!)

Teams and Leagues

For you lucky individuals who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have compiled some women's sports leagues that we and our friends like to play in. Check it out and sign up!


Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? Check out the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative, with their Bawsi Girls! campaign, a new nonprofit group that aims to get young women moving (and it's pronounced Bossy!).

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Women's Sports Information tried hard to find sports headlines that only pertain to women, but it is hard!
However, we found plenty of basketball headlines:

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