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"At long last, a detailed and good-humored backpacking guide by and for women! If you've been relying on standard hiking guides that assume a man's physique, the lack of a monthly cycle, and a bare-bones approach to packing and cooking, you're in for a treat!"

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Hiking/outdoors/skiing for women-Whew! This category is so broad that WSI will just assume you know what you want.

Outdoor gear has changed so much over the years. Unfortunately, the price has skyrocketed for specialty items. If you are not careful, you can spend a bundle before you know it. Two good names for gear for beginners that we have found to be is functional yet inexpensive are North Face and Columbia. Snowboarding is all the rage. Check out the articles below on how to pick out a snowboard. If you are looking for company or expert instruction, explore the travel opportunities section in our Women's Travel page. For further information, read up on articles about how to pick out hiking boots and how to buy a tent by Women's Sports Information's very own editors. Now get out there!

Women's Camping Links:
Babes in the backcountry-We are women who want to share our love of the outdoors and educate other women in outdoor skills.
Becoming an Outdoors Woman-offers outdoor skills workshops.
Camping Women-is a national organization designed to provide safe camping experiences for women.
Camp Out VA-CampOut is a members only, private campground for women located in Virginia.
Holistic Canoe Trips and Wellness Retreats for Women:-Experience Mind~Body~Spirit Unity through an artfully designed retreat for women in Maine and the Southwest. Nature though Nurture.
Great Girl Back Packers-Converse with other women backpackers.
Great Outdoor.com-camping
National Park Services-find out where to camp.
Outdoor Adventures for Women
The Outdoor Girl
Rving Women-a diverse group of women across the U.S. and Canada who enjoy RVing and love to travel.
Washington Women Outdoors
Women in the Outdoors
Women on the Road-backpacking women.
Women's Travel Club-designed by women, for women, and you know how we like that.
Women's Wilderness Institute-wilderness programs for women and girls.

Helpful Women's Hiking links-
American Trails
Babes in the backcountry-We are women who want to share our love of the outdoors and educate other women in outdoor skills.
The Backpacker.com
Bay Area Hiker Blog-for SF.
Becoming an Outdoors Woman-offers outdoor skills workshops.
Day Hiker
Girls Outdoors.org-a resource for women in outdoor education and recreation.
GORP-hiking Homepage.
GORP-Where to Hike.
Graceful Edge-The fun and sassy website for the hip and adventurous women.
Great Outdoor.com
Great Girl Back Packers-Converse with other women backpackers.
Hike with your dog-where to travel with your dog.
Hiking around the world
Hiking Books
Hiking For Her
Hiking Guide For Women and Girls
The Hiking Lady-The Ultimate Resource for Women Who Love the Outdoors.
Hiking Names-find mountain and peak names when hiking.
Journey Woman-travel resource
Local hikes-find hiking areas where ever your area is.
Maps-North America and Europe.
National Park Services
Netsweat-hiking and outdoors.
The Outdoor Girl
Roam the Woods-women hiking trips
Trail Dames-hiking club for women of a curvy nature.
The Trail Data Base-Boasts World's largest hiking Trail Database.
Walking Connection-Your connection to walking, hiking, and adventure travel.
Women's hiking Tips-from ultimate-ultralight-backpacking.
Women on the Road-backpacking women.
Women's East Bay Hiking Group
World Outdoor Web

Looking for Places to Hike in the San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area-San Jose Metro Area? Get a list here or try one of these top ten. Don't forget to check out Bay Area Hiker-with its interactive map of Bay Area hikes.

Great Places To Hike
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
Baltimore Canyon
Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin State
Dipsea - Steep Ravine - Matt Davis
Point Reyes - Tomales Point
West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz
Black Diamond Mines Hike
Blue Rock Springs Park
Cataract Falls - Mt. Tamalpais
Donner Creek Trail - Mt. Diablo
Las Trampas Hills Hike
Women's Backpacks
Look for backpacks designed for the shorter female torso. Search for camelback and other packs that are “female-specific (I think they mean the straps across your chest don’t pull or compress your breasts.)

Women's Skiing Links and Snowboarding Links:
Both the lists for women skiing and snowboarding grew so big we moved them to our Links Page. Check them out, all on one page, there is a lot of resources for both.

Women's Skiing

Patagonia is known for high-quality clothing that lasts, with a lifetime guarantee, Patagonia practices environmental activism and offer green shipping. They also get women athletes to design and test the clothes - made by women for women

camping tents

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