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Soccer Coaching
-Coaching Youth Soccer
-Coaching Soccer 101
-Soccer referee info
-Soccer for Parents: This web site is helpful for anyone who needs easy and fun drills for kids. I learned a lot from Karl Dewazien's books about coaching girl's soccer.

Soccer Rules:
Sports-Know-How- Soccer field Dimensions, Rules, History, How to Info
Laws of the Game
Simplified Soccer Rules-on on SoccerHelp.com
Women's Professional Soccer Rules
Soccer (football) explained-nature of the game, laws, history, field, officials

Soccer Dictionary of Terms

Coaching Soccer 101 Glossary

Soccer terms for parents-and rules explained.

Soccer Glossary-from "Soccer Made Simple: A Spectator's Guide".

Soccer Signals-visual signs made by the referee and linesman.

Soccer Terms-list of terms and sayings that you will hear around a soccer field.

Mia Hamm
Speaking of Mia, ever wonder what it’s like to train with the greatest female soccer player of all time? Now you can, as Mia Hamm joins sportskool to teach soccer. During her 17-year career with the U.S. Women’s National team, Hamm netted 158 goals, won two World Cup titles, and two Olympic Gold Medals.

Getting Started as a women's soccer player-it starts with the foot. You need to get good cleats and then tough shin guards, and a ball that will withstand your pounding.

Avoid getting softball cleats, which have an extra nub directly under the toes. To avoid buying soccer cleats, turn the cleat over and look directly below where your toes would be, and mentally mark off the middle. Then look to see if there is a cleat, or stub in that area. If so, it is  a softball cleat: soccer cleats will not have a cleat in that area. Then, look for good padding inside and waterproof outside. Adidas®,Nike®, Didora®, Baden®,  Brine®, Fila®, Puma®, Reebok are top soccer cleats.

Shin guards-
My son and I like Nike® Tiempo Shield or Tiempo Pro Shinguards. Soccer Pro has a women's soccer gear section and shin guards designed specifically to fit female soccer players.

Soccer Ball-
The top brands make so many different models and colors every year, so check them out yourself. Top brands we like are Adidas®, Nike®, Diadora®, Fila,® Puma®, Baden®, Umbro® and Xara®. Remember, get the right size for your needs, or child's age. If you are unsure, this website, Soccer balls explained, will instruct you tyoes and sizes, including how to buy.

Practice Gear-
Soccer shorts need to be large in the leg, and tend to be nylon or dri-weave type material instead of cotton.

Look for feet with zippers to get on and off over cleats. Waterproof and light weight is also good.

Scrimmage Vests-
Reversible scrimmage vests come in handy. Check for minimum orders and ask if you need lettering or numbering.

Helpful Women's Soccer Links:
Active.com-women's soccer info.
Beulah Sports-Women's Soccer Commentary, Scores and News Links.
Chicks with Balls-soccer info.
Everything Soccer.com-training, advice.
Girls Soccer Coaching
Girls' Soccer World Online
NCAA Women's Soccer-official website.
Rules of the game.
Soccer Hand Signals-visual aid for what the referee and linesman are communicating.
Soccer help for coaching tips, drills.
Soccer Sites-directory of soccer related sites from around the world.
Slide Tackle Mag
Soccer Science-A look at the soccer world from the personal perspective of Amanda Vandervort.
Soccer Training Info-women's soccer.
U.S. Soccer - Women's National Team-Official Site.
Women's Professional Soccer
Women's Soccer-info and Women's National Team news.
Women's Soccer Show-Your one stop shop for women’s soccer and the WPS.
Virtual Library-football resources.

Women's Soccer Camps:
Bay Area Women's Soccer Camps-directory.
Fine Soccer -soccer camps and info.
Shannon MacMillian-Women's National Team Player started her own camp.
SF Go Kids-soccer camps for active kids.
St Mary's Girls Soccer Camp-in Northern California, ages 5-17.
Women's only soccer Camps.
World Cup Soccer Camps-the San Francisco Bay Area's Premier Youth Soccer Camp.

Women's Soccer Blogs:
From a Left Wing-the cultural politics of soccer.
Goal Blog-women's soccer blog from the NY TImes.
The Offside-WPS Blog.
Women's Soccer National Team
Women's Soccer Blogs-many blogs put together.
Women's Soccer USA-Coverage of women's soccer in the US.

Women's College Soccer News
women's soccer ball
Women's Soccer T-Shirt
Soccer Chick
Women’s T-shirt
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Women's Soccer Drills:
Active.com-Soccer Training Tips and Drills.
Better Soccer Coaching
Soccer drills and tips-a bit advanced
Coaching Soccer 101-drills and activities.
Drills for Youth
Girls Soccer Coaching-tips and drills
Kudda-free online drills with helpful videos
Soccer Drills.org
Soccer Training Info
Surefire Soccer-free soccer drills and coaching resources.
We Play Youth Sports

Soccer Extras:
Soccer Quizzes and tips

History of Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer History in the USA: An Overview

Soccer Cheers

The History of Women's Football (soccer)- wikipedia

Soccer Forum-want to talk soccer? Then go here!

Women's Soccer Links
Women's Soccer World Online-Women's Soccer Magazine.

Goal.com-Women's Soccer Magazine.

The Offside-Women's Soccer Blog about the WPS.

Soccer Buzz Magazine-The home of Women's College Soccer on the Web.

Soccer St. Louis-Women's Soccer.

Women's Soccer Scene-UK.

Women's Soccer Show-Your one stop shop for women’s soccer and the WPS.

Women's Soccer T-Shirt
Women’s Soccer

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