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Softball Tournaments and Directories
Fast Pitch Softball- find by state
Fast Pitch tournaments
Softball Player.com
Softball Search.com
Softball Tournaments
Softball Tournaments
USSSA Softball slow pitch

Need to find a softball team?
United States SLO-pitch Associations, Organizations, Leagues & Clubs.
SF Softball Pick up Games
Softball search.com-teams, tournaments, and info

Softball Rules:
Rules-for the different leagues and federations, national and international rules

Sports-Know-How- Softball Field Dimensions, Rules, History, How to Info

NCAA College Sports Rules, find softball.

Save Our Softball
sign this online petition to help save Olympic Softball.

Back Softball is a website dedicated to help bring back softball to 2016 Olympics.

Needs Ideas for Drills? Check here!

Looking for Softball Tournys?
League Line Up lets you search for tournaments by sport.

Softball History
-History of Softball
-History of Women's Fast Pitch Softball
-History of Women's Softball
-An Illustrated History Of Women's Softball
-The origins of and informative facts about softball
-What is the history of softball?
-Women's Softball History
What you need to know- Are you playing Fast pitch or slow pitch? (read our article on Fast Pitch Vs. Slow).

Getting back into the swing of things (pun intended) by joining a softball team now the warm weather is here? Or did your friend or even someone from your company talk you into trying softball for the first time? Whatever your reasons, here are some equipment tips for the beginner or player joining up after a long absence.

Basic Equipment:

Cleats-Make sure you are getting softball cleats, not soccer cleats. To avoid buying soccer cleats, turn the cleat over and look directly below where your toes would be, and mentally mark off the middle. Then look to see if there is a cleat, or stub in that area. If so, it is  a softball cleat: soccer cleats will not have a cleat in that area. If you shop in the men's section, they might have metal cleats and they are only used in college or pros, so avoid them. You want the softer rubber or synthetic cleats. Now look inside the shoe. Padding on the inside makes the cleat more comfortable. Look to the outside for composite material to resist water.

Gloves-The softer the better, but more expensive. Can you squeeze the glove tightly enough to keep the ball secure if the base runner tries to knock it out? One trick to soften a glove is to stuff the size ball you are using in the webbing of the glove where it is caught and lash a belt or piece of rope around that, then stick the glove under your mattress for a few days. Brand names we like are Wilson®, Nike®, Mizuno®, Rawlings®, and Easton®, Worth®, Louisville®, Anderson, and DeMarinin®. If you know you are going to play primarily outfield, look for a glove with a bigger “basket” or webbing. If you are going to play primarily infield positions, look for a glove that does not have as big a webbing. This enables the fielder to get the ball out of the glove faster when throwing to a base. If you are insure where you will be playing, get a glove that is a compromise with a medium basket or medium amount of webbing.

Bats-This piece of equipment depends heavily on personal preference. General rules to keep in mind is the lighter the bat (measured in ounces) the faster the swing, but the heavier the bat, the more “power” you can put behind the ball and drive it farther. Ask to borrow many bats from your teemmates and find out which you prefer before buying. Many softball bats today have a bigger barrel (the area where you hit the ball), especially compared to a baseball bat. The barrel has also been engineered to make the ball fly farther if you hit it just right in the “sweet” spot. Again, experiment with different sizes and circumferences. One more rule of thumb: some leagues have “outlawed” bats because they are too powerful. Find out what bats are allowed or not allowed in your leaguer before buying. Softball.org has good information on bats and it's a good idea to check thme out before you buy. Brand names we like are Easton®, Rawlings®, Worth®, Louisville®, Anderson, Muzuno®, and DeMarinin®. We especially like the Easton® model synergy 2.

Accessories-You can usually tell a softball player by the scar just below one knee. It is from sliding in shorts and scrapping the heck out of your skin. I recommend slide pads to protect the knees, or the newer long slide brace-knee pad. And while you are at it, get slide pants that have padding on the hips and buttocks. Batting gloves are nice to keep your grip on the bat and also double as extra padding on your catching hand when worn in addition to your softball glove. Don't forget sunglasses. Look for sunglasses that have interchangeable lens. Relatively new yellow lenses help on bright but overcast days when you don't need something so dark. Other accessories are, hats, and a big bag to put it all in. Bat bags now-a-days have special hooks to hook that bag to the fence to keep your stuff handy and off the ground.

Ordering SoftBalls
Men's and women's softballs are different sizes and weights. The women's ball is lighter and flies further. Check with your league if you are unsure. Then check out the Softball.org, the official web site for certified equipment.

Helpful Women's Softball Sites:
Active.com-softball info, camps, drills.
Amateur Softball Association
Bat Reviews.com
Chicks with Balls-softball info.
How-To-by Sports Know How
Independent Softball Federation-organizes, sanctions, and governs competitive participation in various formats and classifications through league and tournament play.
International Softball Association-The ISF organizes and conducts world championship competitions and qualifies teams for Olympic softball competition.
Girls Softball
NCAA Softball-official college site.
Northern California Amateur Softball Association (Nor-Cal)
Pretty Tough.com-Softball.
Senior Women Softball
Slow Pitch Field Dimensions
Softball-open directory.
Softball coaching Resources
Softball explained and terminology
Softball Links-directory.
Softball Magazine
Softball Search-The A-Z 'Strictly' Softball Search Engine.
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Softball Web.org-softball directory
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Virtual Library- Softball References
Women's Sports Net-softball.
USA Softball-official site

Womens' Softball Camps:
National Sports Clinics-educating softball coaches at all levels.
Nike Softball Camps-sponsored by USA Softball
SF Go Kids-softball camps for active kids
Softball Camps.com-provides elite softball camps and fastpitch clinics nationwide.
Softball Camps for coaches
Softball Camps for grown-ups

Women's Softball Headlines
College Softball News
Women's Softball T-Shirt
Get Down and Dirty, Play Softball Women’s T-shirt
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Slow Pitch
Girls Softball Hitting Tips
Slow Pitch Field Dimensions
Softball Practice Plans-softball drills and coaching plans
Softball-Slowpitch tips and drills
Softball Spot
We Play Youth Softball

Fast Pitch
All About Fast Pitch-source for great softball tips and resources
All about Softball Pitching-Recommendations and Information for Girl Fastpitch Softball Pitchers
Girls Fast Pitch Softball Books
Fast Pitch-resources, tips, drills
Fast Pitch drills
Fast Pitching.com
Fast Pitch Forever-magazine for girls
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Fast Pitch Talk Radio-fastpicthc tips. stories, discussions
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My Fast Pitch Trainer-maintain strength during the long season.
My Softball Coach.com-tips and links.
National Fast Pitch Coaching Association
National Pro Fast Pitch League
Softball 2day-fastpitch softball coaching information
Softball Excellence
Softball Fast Pitch Drills-Baserunning, Catching, Coaching, Fielding, Games, Hitting, Pitching, Practice, Strength & Conditioning, Throwing
Softball Tips.com
Women's Fast Pitch Softball-Official site of women's amateur softball

Women's Fast Pitch Softball Assocation

Life in the Fastpitch Softball Lane Blog-Fastpitch softball news, tips, and AllAboutFastpitch.com updates.

Softball Guide to Buying Bats and Gloves by Fog Dog Sports
Click on the softball page and look to the right for your category.

"Holy Cow! She hit that foul! So MOOOOOve it over, I said, MOOOOOVe it over!"
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