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Swimming Guide-shows strokes in visual form.

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7 Essential Swim Training Tips For Women

Women's Wet Suits
If it's form-fitting, like a wetsuit, this is one time the women don't want to wear the mens' style. A little room in the hips and shorter torso make it much nicer. Find more info on women's wetsuits, and how to buy the right one for your sport. Don't forget your wetsuit needs a little TLC. Find out how to take care of a wetsuit.

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Women's Swimming Information

We here at Women's Sports Information, when it comes to women's swimming, wanted to ask the experts. So I walked down the hall and knocked on my daughter's door. She has been swimming since second grade, is certified as a life guard, and helps coach the summer swim team at our local pool. She KNOWS swimming.

For recreational swimming for women, it all begins with a suit. When I swim in a pool, I like to race the kiddies, play volleyball, shout Marco Polo, and dive for pennies, all with about 2 to 5 kids hanging on me. I need a suit that will stay up and maybe even make me look good: that usually means a one piece. I am partial to Speedo® sports suits; they do both. I, and my daughter, especially like the T-Back or racer models that won’t fall down my shoulders as I am being wrestled to the bottom of the pool. But I realize (and some manufacturers, too) that women’s bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. Speedo® has different suits to flatter different body parts. Land’s End® and Jantzen® have different body sizes, too. Investigate your options. I look for competitive racing suits, as they tend to have straps that don't fall off your shoulder. Speedo does well for me.

Swim Accessories- My daughter highly recommend goggles if you plan on spending any time in chlorinated water. My son doesn't use them and his eyes are terrible. Go Figure. For extra staying power, use a double strap, that is, a strap that goes behind your head and splits in two to rest on the upper and lower part of your skull. Because women tend to have smaller contours and narrower eye focal widths, check out models that cater to that (usually be labeled women's). TYR® is a good example, as well as Speedo®.  For Youth Models, my kids like the Speedo's® Hydrospex Jr. They also make Speedo's® Hydrospex in adult sizes. Speedo also makes a pair of goggles just for women called the Speedo Vanquisher Goggles. This model has a low profile design with a soft silicone strap.

Swim caps-Most caps are made of rubber or silicon, but they are hard to get on by yourself and pull your hair getting off. Another alternative is a stretch lycra cap. Nike® makes a good one, and it is much easier on your hair.

Swim Shirts, Rash Guards Or Wet Suits:
Wet suits, spring suits and stretch lycra swim shirts keep you warm in the cold and the sun off your skin. Body Glove, Morey, and O'Neill are the top three.

Training Aids-
Such as fins, paddles, buoys, and kickboards make good training materials. Swim fins are usually shorter than diving fins. A good brand name is Zoomers. Some swimmers prefer the split fin model. Swim paddles are aids you wear on your hand to help you pull through the water better. Zura paddles are designed to help build upper body strength, improve stroke mechanics and enhance the feel of the water. Speedo Aqua Fitness Swim gloveis a neoprene webbed-glove designed to fit your hand like a, well, glove.

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Women's Swimming History:
Ancient Origins of Swimming
History of Women's Swimwear!
History of Women's Swimming
Swimming From the Beginning
Swimming History
Swimming Stars and Bios, History's Famous Swimmers
Women's History in Competitive Swimming

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Swimming Safety
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Swimming holes web site for over 750 beautiful, natural places for a dip in the US and Canada (BC only at this time)

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