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Volleyball Rules:
Volleyball Rules-current rule book.
Official Indoor and Outdoor Rules
Rules-for the different leagues and federations, national and international rules
Volleyball explained-rules, history, terminology, skills, strategy

Court Dimensions

Sports-Know-How- Volleyball court Dimensions, Rules, History, How to Info

NCAA College Sports Rules, find Volleyball.

Volleyball Club-rules explained.

Other Women's Volleyball Stuff
Volleyball History


Pretty Tough-Volleyball History

Volleyball Club-History.

Volleyball Homepage history

Volleyball Club-skills explained.

Volleyball Coaching and Strategy-explained.

women's volleyball

Women's College Volleyball
-Women's Collegiate Volleyball
-Women's and Men's College Volleyball
-NCAA College Volleyball
-Volley Central-Women's Div I, Div II and Div III
-Women's College Volleyball Statistics

Women's College Volleyball
This book is from the Volleyball Coach at my old Alma Mater, Washington University. Even when I was there, the volleyball Bears just kept winning championships, and they never had a superstar player. The coach and author, Teri Clemson, writes "about personal growth that talks to girls about how to succeed in life."

Women's Volleyball-one of Women's Sports Information's favorite sports in high school.

Now that the warm weather is out, it’s time to drag out the poles and net and start up a volleyball game. So if you are a beginner, beach bum, or backyard enthusiast, here are some equipment tips.

Basic Equipment:
It’s all about the ball, that’s about as basic as you can get. There are a lot of balls made of different materials out there. But your skin was made to contact leather. If you are playing indoors get the softest you can find. I am partial to Tachikara®. Plus, I found it to be lightweight. Outdoor surfaces and water will destroy a good leather ball in no time, so if you are playing outdoors, get some sort of rubber or better yet, synthetic or composite material, such as Tachikara's synthetic leather or composite leather model. Molten® makes a pretty good outdoor one, as does Mikasa's Beach Pro Volleyball outdoor ball and Wilson Soft Outdoor Volleyball. And, oh, we at WSI just discovered they make a Spalding Infusion Volleyball, that is, a volleyball with a built in pump (so no more hunt for a needle). And as my old PE Teacher said, never kick a volleyball, it gets misshapen.

Shoes: For indoor volleyball, I always wear light-in-weight Asics®. Nowadays, cushioning products such as air, liquid or gel and even cushioning foam have added weight. Be sure to try them on and take a jump or two. Ask yourself if the shoe feels light and does it feel comfortable landing?

Most shoes have a suede or mesh upper sole to lighten it and allow for more breathability. Look for lots of stitching on the sides to support quick side to side movement. While ankle sprains can be common, I do not recommend any kind of high top, but there are some nice mid range soles out there. Shoes designed for indoor courts have a lot of grip. For best traction, check the bottom sole for a "herringbone" design made of rubber or rubber composite.

Now, these nice indoor court shoes will get chewed up by outdoor surfaces. Look for shoes labeled outdoor or grass. And for the beach, dress like the pros and go barefoot! Although I wear beach shoes, as I am a tenderfoot and our beach has all sorts of burrs and hidden debris.

Knee Pads: I have watched really talented court players not wear knee pads because they could dive in the air, hit the ball, and then catch themselves before hitting their knees. You and I are not so talented, so if playing on a hard surface, knee pads are the second best thing. Look for lots of padding, yet will not limit your ability to bend your knees, and enough elastic bracing that won’t cause the knee pad to roll down when sliding. Asics® makes a good adult one has lightweight foam padding and the brace is 9 ½ inches, which allows it to extend above and below your knee. Mizuno and Tachikara make good padded ones, too.

Indoor nets: Indoor nets are attached to poles that either go into the floor or are attached to a stand-alone-base. Find out what your gym floor standard is. If you can attach poles into the floor, find out if you want to go steel, for more rigidity, or lightweight but sturdy aluminum, and check out padding options to protect your players.  If you require stand-alone bases, you don’t want the bases too heavy as you have to move it, yet not to light that the pole moves if a ball hits the net. Look for stand-alone bases that have wheels on one side to help with  easy placement, and then check the weight. Some bases can be filled with water or sand for more weight. Look for adjustable poles that extend up to 10 feet and have hooks that let you change the net height.

Outdoor nets: Nothing is more frustrating then having your net sag or even fall when you are playing outdoors. To keep your poles up in the grass or sand, buy or make PVC sleeves to insert in the ground and then the poles go into the sleeves. Look for netting and tape made of mildew resistant vinyl or nylon. Make sure the bottom of the net attaches to the pole, or better yet, look for a net with a strong cable running on the top and bottom. This helps to keep the net’s shape. Look for ease up set up and storage. To do this, ask how long it takes to set the net up and take down? Are the cords that hold the poles in place easy to wind up, and attach in to the ground? Are the poles telescoping or are they in sections? For storage, can the net be rolled up still attached to the poles? Does the net come with a bag?

Now that you know how to get started, get out there! Volleyball is a fun recreational sport that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, all at the same time. Enjoy your volleyball inside or out! Volleyball.org is a helpful website to get you on your way.

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Volleyball.org-global source of info on volleyball
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Volleyball Voices-a women's champion volleyball player database and resource center for all females who play.
Volleyball Voyeur-volleyball players photographed by volleyball photographers.
Women's Club Volleyball-Your Online Source For College Club Teams.
Youth Volleyball.org

Keep Volleyball Current with Today's Volleyball Headlines:

women's volleyball

NCAA Women's Volleyball Headlines

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Read a review about Volleyball Drills for Champions from Volleyball.com

women's volleyball

Bump, Set, Hit, Spike
That's the way we like to fight!

Find this and many more at Volleyball Cheers-hee hee!

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Written by former Indiana State Women's Volleyball Coach. The drills provided will help coaches handle specific situations that will inevitable occur.

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