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C in the Sea
C in the Sea

Why We Built This Site.

Hi, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are two women who have played a wide variety of sports all our lives and received many benefits from them. Sports can be a stress reducer, a social outlet, and a physical release. Sports are fun, and they enable us to feel the sense of belonging to a team, while giving us the added benefit of keeping us fit and healthy, so important now that we have reached our 40s.

Over the years, though, we have been frustrated with the lack of information and products and found only one or two inferior choices in theĀ  women's department, while the men's had oodles of shoes. Now, I know I am dating myself, but my first pair of basketball shoes in junior high was the tan canvas Converse All-stars purchased in the boys department. Now some 25 odd years later, thinking surely how far women's sports have come, I thought I could find a decent women's shoe. No such luck. So we had to go online to research our options. We asked each other, wouldn't it be great to go to a web site that had info on women's sports products? And that's how this web site was born. (Which is a miracle in itself because we are so technologically challenged, not to mention spelling challenged. My kids laughed at me for a month when I first had a cell phone. Did you know you had to hit "send" to make a call?)

So we hope you find what you are looking for here and are able to use our resources. We would love to hear from you and are always looking for content, relevant articles, testimonials about products that have helped you in your sports endeavors, and tips for playing your sport better. So drop us a line. It is our hope to constantly
evolve this web site and keep the info flowing,
for women, by women.

C and R
April 2005

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Women's Sports Information -- your sports destination

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Women's Sports Information -- your sports destination
because sport is life
Women's Sports Information

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R as a Tree

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