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Women's Basketball Rules:
Rules-Women's FIBA (International), WNBA, And NCAA Basketball Rule Differences

Hoopedia 101-rules for FIBA, NBA, NCAA, terminology, and articles about equipment, strategy, tactics.

NCAA College Women's Basketball Rules

Sports-Know-How has Rules, History, and Court dimensions for the different leagues and federations 


Basketball Cheers:
Basketball Cheers

And then there are these basketball cheer sites from About.com: -Basketball Cheers
-More Basketball Cheers
-Even More Basketball Cheers
-Basketball Cheers
-More Basketball Cheers

And More Basketball Cheers-scroll to find basketball.
Cheerleading corner-Basketball Cheers

Women's basketball Online-comprehensive women's basketball site on the net, with daily news page, TV schedule, categorized web links.

Basketball Terms and Definitions:
Coach Turner's Hoops Terms-you can add your own as well! Terms A - C
Terms D - F
Terms G - I
Terms J - N
Terms O - Q
Terms R - S
Terms T to Z

Women's Basketball, make sure to get a 28.5" circumference.

Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Basketball Links- We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Now, make sure to get a women's size basketball (28.5" circumference). Next are a good pair of shoes. See our article on how to pick out a good pair of shoes. The women's basketball league we play in likes the Spalding TF-1000. I like my Wilson indoor/outdoor women's ball. Spalding® has the Infusion Self Pump, nice, but tends to be a little heavier. Get Mesh or dri-weave or the "wick away" gear for your shorts and shirts, as you tend to run and sweat a lot. Then check out our women's basketball drills and plays to make yourself better!

Helpful Women's Basketball Links:
Basketball explained-history, rules, techniques, positions.
Basketball Hand Signals-visual aid of the referee arm motions.
Basketball Rules-Women's FIBA (International), WNBA, And NCAA Basketball Rule Differences.
Chicks with Balls-basketball info for women.
Connecticut Women's Basketball Hall of Fame
Gball Mag-for girls who play basketball.
Hoop Feed-women's basketball 24-7.
Hoop Heaven- The basketball Superstore.
Hoops King-links and info.
Hoopedia WNBA-the basketball wiki.
Full Court Press-women's basketball journal.
Girls Hoops-scouting.
Internatinal Basketball-women.
NCAA.org Women's Basketball
NCAA College Women's Basketball Rules
NCAA Women's College Basketball-There, we're not biased.
Santa Clara Broncos-Women's basketball near us.
Stanford Woman's Basketball-(okay, we're regionally biased!)
USA Basketball-official site.
Virtual Library-Basketball Resourcecs
Women's Basketball All Americans-history of women's basketball awards and all past winners.
Women's Basketball Coaches Association
Women's Basketball cup of Coffee-many links.
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame-including news about women's basketball.
Women's Basketball Magazine
Women's Basketball Online-comprehensive women's basketball site on the net, with daily news page, TV schedule, categorized web links.
Women's Basketball Server-WNBA, Women's College Basketball, high school girls basketball info.
Women's Basketball Scout
Women's College Basketball Championship History Site- This site tracks the history of the women's college basketball national championships year by year.
Women's College Basketball Player's Profiles
Women's Hoops Blog- great women's basketball blog.
Women's National Basketball Association
Yahoo Sports Women's College Basketball

Women's Basketball Camps:
Basketball camps-directory.
Blue Chip All Stars-also big camp and guard camp.
Five Star Hoops Basketball camps-check to see if there is one in your area.
GBAll Directory of Sports Camps-let's you search by region, age, gender.
I Hoops-directory of camps, search by area.
Lady Prodigy Basketball Camps-find regional camps.
Legarza Basketball Camp-Bay Area Basketball Camp.
National Junior Basketball-non profit leagues, find one near you.
Nike Basketball Camps-official site.
Pete Newell-Big Women's Camp.
Saratoga basketball camp-All proceeds from the camp go to the Global Ischemia Foundation which was created to encourage research for brain injuries.
SF Go Kids-basketball camps for active kids.
Tara VanDerveer basketball camp
US Sports Camps-basketball camp directory.

Women's Basketball History
History of Women's Basketball
Some Pre-History of Women's Basketball
FactMonster History of Women's Basketball
Women's Basketball Time Line
Women's Basketball Online Timeline
Women's Sports Foundation-history of Women's Basketball.

Basketball Coaching made easy - click here.

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Cool Links

Peace Love Hoops T-Shirt
Peace Love Hoops T-Shirt
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Women's Basketball Drills:
Basketball Drills-over 837 of 'em.
Basketball Drills and Plays-and Ball Handling Drills
Basketball Plays and Tips-shooting, passing, ball handling.
Basketball Playbook Index-drills and plays.
Better Basketball-better ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and better post moves.
Breakthrough Basketball-Basketball Drills, Plays, Tips, Offenses, Defenses, and Advice.
Coaches Clipboard-drills, tips, coaching advice, inbounds plays, for the intermediate or advanced student or coach.
Ebasketball Coach-drills, plays and coaching.
Havenport Basketball Drills-offense and defense.
Hoops King-view free drills in video.
Hoops U-passing, shooting, rebounding, offense and defense.
Jeeves Basketball Drills
Kudda -free online drills with helpful videos.
Play Sports TV-drills and plays on video!
Sandy's Spin drills and tips
She Rocks Basketball page-history, drill of the month, FAQ'.s
Shot Science-also in video form.
Team Basketball Drills
Tom Lynch Shooting help
We Play Youth Sports-basketball
World of Basketball-has links to other sites.

Women's Basketball Plays:
Animated Basketball Plays-from the coaches home.
Basketball Playbook Index-drills and plays.
Basketball Plays-drills and plays.
Basketball Playbook.com
Basketball Plays and tips
Breakthrough Basketball-Basketball Plays.
Coach Wells Basketball Plays
Coaches Clipboard-drills and plays.
Defensive Plays-from Basketball Drills and Plays.
Kudda-free online drills with helpful videos.
Offense and Defense Plays
Offensive Plays-from Hoop Tactics.
Offensive Plays-from Basketball Drills and Plays.
Play of the Day-from Hoops U.
Simple Basketball Play
World of Basketball-has links to other sites.

Coaching Women's Basketball:
Women's Basketball Coaching Assocation
Basketball Coaching 101-youth oriented.
Basketball Coaching Tips
Breakthrough Basketball-coaching resources.
Coaching Basketball-Your Guide to Establishing a Winning Team.
Coaches Clipboard-drills and plays.
Coaches Notebook-drills and plays.
Hoop Tactics-coaching and playing strategies.
Jamie Angeli's Virtual Basketball Coach-Free basketball drills, basketball practice drills, basketball coaching drills & plays.
Mom's Team-tips for younger players.
Havensport Coaching Articles

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