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Title IX
Keep up with the latest news from Title IX Blog-An interdisciplinary resource for news, legal developments, commentary, and scholarship about Title IX, the federal statute prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded schools.

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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Sports Blogs Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. So many blogs, so littel blogs. So we tried to get only women's sport sblogs, which wasn't easy! In the ones we did find, there is a wide variety of sports and views our there, so look them all over!

Helpful Women's Sports Blogs Links:
C and R's Stanford Blog- we're shameless in our self promotion.
Adventures of a Girl Motorcycle Racer
Adventure Pam-Action adventure sports for women and Champion of Chick Adventure.
After Atlanta-A blog dedicated to discussions of gender and sports.
Athletic Women Blog
Alan's College Softball Blog-Summarizes major developments in NCAA Division I women's softball, with a focus on the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, and SEC.
Because I Played Sports-women's sports and giving them more exposure.
Daily Dose of Duffy
Between The Miles-women's running blog.
Bike Diva-information for cycling enthusiasts.
Championing Ourselves Blog-issues of concern to women warrior types in the news, history, mythology and modern media.
Chic Runner-women's running blog.
Cool Adventure Girls-Connecting cool, adventurous women all over the world by blog.
Cranky Fitness-Your Guide to Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, and Whining.
Do Me Wright-women's New York Sports Blog.
Fanatchicks-for chicks who dig sports.
The Fast and the Fabulous-A blog about motorsports from a female perspective.
Fastpitch Softball Blog-Fastpitch softball news, tips, and AllAboutFastpitch.com updates.
FemmeFan Blog-all sports, especially football.
Fight Chix-Female Focused MMA.
The Fit Woman Blog
For the Love of the Game-women's college sports, DIII.
From a Left Wing-meditations on the beautiful game from an unlikely player and fan.
Girl V. World
Glisten Fitness-what you must know wbout fitness.
The Glowing Edge-boxer chick.
The Golfchick-The golf blog of a golf girl with a serious addiction.
The Gym Blog-women's gymnastics
Her Sports Blog
The Hiking Lady Blog
Hoop Feed-women's basketball 24-7.
Horsepower and Heels-All things relating to Women in Motorsports.
I Run-Therefore I Blog
Inspiring Sports Women-Boxing, running, surfing, kayaking, snowboarding, showjumping, swimming ....and playing with balls!
Her Sports Blog-shares her passion for sports and travel through text, photos and videos.
The IWFFA Blog-keep up with women's flag football.
Katie the Female Sports Fan-the world of sports through the eyes of a female.
Lady D Sports-a site for women who know sports, or want to learn more about sports.
Lady At The Bat-Baseball news and views from a woman who loves the game.
Lady Loves Pinstripes-baseball blog.
Ladies on the Tee-women's golf blog.
Lisa's Water Pit-a professional track and field athlete competing in the Steeplechase.
Look, another fitness blog!
Louise's World of Sports
MetsGrrl-One girl. One team. One city. Unique content and commentary on baseball and the New York Mets.
Mechelle Voepel-blogs about women's college basketball and WNBA for ESPN.com since 1996.
Muslim Women in Sports-exploring "The Role of Sport in Resisting, Accommodating And in Remaking Muslim Women".
On Being a Sports Girl
One Sport Voice
Pat Griffin's LGBT Sport Blog
Perfect Ten-a gymnastics blog.
Pink Diva Golf.com Blog-women's golf blog.
Pretty Tough Sports-they also blog about women's sports.
Rantings of an Insane Platypus- Women's Basketball Blog.
Rock Climber Girl.com
Run Diva
Running in the Bike Lane-Triathlons from a girl's perspective.
Sentiment de Fer - A Fencing Blog
She Do Run Run
She's Got Game-women's hoops.
Soccer Science-A look at the soccer world from the personal perspective of Amanda Vandervort.
Softball Performance Blog
Sports Chica
Sports Gals-dedicated to weekend warriors.
Sports Girls Play-resources for raising a happy, healthy athlete.
Sports Media and Society-Taking a look at the interaction of sports coverage and U.S. culture, from a women's point of view (finally!).
Sports Medicine Blog-for women.
Sporty Mama
Stanford Blog-includes interviews.
SportyGals-SportyGals is dedicated to all the weekend warriors, adventurers, olympians...SportyGals is for all active women!
Teach Me Sports for Women-Blog site dedicated to helping women learn about, become more comfortable with and even enjoy sports.
They're Playing Basketball-women's college basketball.
Thoughts of Hazel Mae -A weblog dedicated to musings on happening in the world of sports.
Total Female Hockey Blog-ice hockey resources.
So Now What-A new take on sports and the world from an impatient girl.
Unrestricted: My NASCAR Rants and Raves-A female NASCAR fan`s blog filled with news, info and of course, rants and raves.
Warriorwomen Running Blog-Personal running and sometimes triathlon blog based in West London. Details the ups and downs of a fat wannabe athlete, addicted to gadgets and sporting technology.
Wendy Parker's Extracurriculars- views and reviews about sports.
WNBA Women's Hoops Blog-collection of articles on the WNBA.
Women's Basketball Hoops Scoops
Women's Fishing Blog
Women's Hoops Blog- great women's basketball blog, very informative.
Women's Hoops Blog-Seattle Times-Jayda Evans covers college and pro women's basketball.
Women's Hoops World-Wendy Parker is a sportswriter who has followed women’s basketball for nearly two decades.
Women Like Sports-sports fanatic addict.
Women's Soccer Show-Your one stop shop for women’s soccer and the WPS.
Women's Sports - Athletic Women Blog
Women's Sports Blog
Women's Sports Nation-Reports and examines the latest news and events in women's professional and collegiate athletics.
Women's Sports Talk Radio Blog-podcasts on women's sports.
Women's Tennis Blog
Your Scrumhalf Connection-women's rugby.

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