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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Camping Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Camping is so fun, and so dirty. Fun for all ages and fitness levels. If you are spending the night outside, it all starts with a tent, and for me, a good air mattress! Don't forget to get a good pair of hiking boots. Read up on articles about how to pick out hiking boots and how to buy a tent by WSI's very own editors. Also check out our Hiking and Outdoors page. Now get out there!

Helpful Women's Camping links-
Babes in the backcountry-We are women who want to share our love of the outdoors and educate other women in outdoor skills.
Becoming an Outdoors Woman-offers outdoor skills workshops.
Camping Women-is a national organization designed to provide safe camping experiences for women.
Camp Out VA-CampOut is a members only, private campground for women located in Virginia.
Holistic Canoe Trips and Wellness Retreats for Women:-Experience Mind~Body~Spirit Unity through an artfully designed retreat for women in Maine and the Southwest. Nature though Nurture.
Get'way Gals
Great Girl Back Packers-Converse with other women backpackers.
Great Outdoor.com-camping
National Park Services-find out where to camp.
Outdoor Adventures for Women
The Outdoor Girl
Outdoors for Her
Rving Women-a diverse group of women across the U.S. and Canada who enjoy RVing and love to travel.
Sisters On The Fly
Washington Women Outdoors
Women in the Outdoors
Women on the Road-backpacking women.
Women's Camp
Women's Travel Club-designed by women, for women, and you know how we like that.
Women's Wilderness Institute-wilderness programs for women and girls.

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Camping Blogs By Women
Camping with Suzi

Outdoor Bloggers Summit-list of women outdoor bloggers.

The Adventures of Betty Crockett

camping tents

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