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soccer doll
Jodi Norgaard, working with young girls, had an idea. “I realized there was a need for a positive doll for girls that, send a positive message about a healthy lifestyle – physically, mentally and emotionally – through sports.” Check it out at Dream Big Toy's Go Go Girl website.

Title IX
Studies show that female athletes do better in school and are less likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs, and get pregnant, and that athletics give women and girls the confidence to do well in the business world. Title IX helps give women opportunities for athletics. Recently, Women's Health Magazine published a series of articles stressing the importance of Title IX.

Women's Pre-Title IX Sports History in the United States by Womens Sports Foundation

Title IX: A Brief History
History of Title IX
AAUW - A Brief History of Title IX-A timeline of key events in the history of Title IX.
Legislative History of Title IX
How Title IX was won
Title IX is in Danger
Why Title IX Matters

Check in on Title IX Q and A and Title IX at Risk and how you can help Save Title IX

Keep up with the latest news from the Title IX Blog

Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Sports Education and Empowerment Links-Our Fave! We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Use them to get informed and educated about women's sports, or if you just need a boost, look at some of the empowerments sites. Really good stuff!

Helpful Women's Sports Education and Empowerment Links:
American Association of University Women (AAUW)-Mission: AAUW promotes equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change.
Black Women in Sport Foundation
Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative is a nonprofit organization that seeks to build an environment in which girls and women become and remain an integral part of the Bay Area sports culture.
Being Jane- lead lives with self-assurance and passion.
Distinguished Women in Sports-Empower your health on a daily basis.
Feminist Majority
Femme Fan
Girls Are Champions-inspire, learn, sweat, shout.
Girl's Inc is a national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.
Graceful Edge-The fun and sassy website for the hip and adventurous women.
Go Go Sports Girls-The Go! Go! Sports Girls are sports dolls that encourage girls ages 3 to 12 to Dream Big and Go For It!
Healthy Girls.net-to provide young girls a foundational knowledge of nutrition, exercise, body awareness and improved self-esteem in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.
Mariah Burton Nelson
National Association of Girls and Women in Sports organization for equity issues in sports -- champions equal funding, quality, and respect for girls' and women's sports.
Play Like A Girl Sport
Real Women in Sports-A charitable, educational organization dedicated to promoting girls and women in sports and fitness.
Senior Sports and Fitnessby Vonda Wright, M.D.
Senior Sports Foundation
She Loves Sports- info and newsletter, advice.
Sports Resources- info and sports links.
Strong Women.com.-promoting positive change in women of all ages to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, programs, and support.
Title IX-women's sports owes all its gratitude to this landmark bill.
Tucker Center- for research on girls and women in sport.
Women of Grace and Power-honors the female athletes and women who love sports.
Women's Calendar-is the largest listing of women's events covering every possible venue, topic or issue important to women. Women's Calendar is a superb networking tool for women.
Women's Place in the World of Sports-overview.
Women's Self Esteem-and Confidence, self-esteem tips, Quotes, self esteem Articles, information and questions answered on The Female Body and much more!
Women's Sports Central
Women's Sports Foundation
Women's Sports International- feminist, research-based advocacy for sports, and also called WSI!
Women's Sports Jobs- for women interested in sports careers.
Women's Sports Magazine Resources
Women's Sports Resources and Bios- info and sports links
Women's Sports Online-Celebrating the Achievement of the female athlete-with Sports Bios.
Women's Sports Reports-Women athlete's biographies.
Women in Sports-Bios, and lots of "firsts".
Women of Action Network- celebrating women of action.
Women Sport Report Athletes- Athletes page.

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Women's Self Esteem
Women's Self Esteem-and Confidence, Chat at D's Bistro for women, Forum, self-esteem tips, Screensaver, Quotes, self esteem Articles, Abuse and Survival, information and questions answered on The Female Body and much more! And it's all FREE.

Women's History Month
Did you know March was Women's History-Month

Women's Talk Sports
Want more women's sports Action as told by women's voices? Visit Women's Talk Sports Network- Headlines, blogs by women, even C and R is in there!

Women's Sports Quotes

Women's Sports Headlines

women talk sports directory
Women Talk Sports Female Professional Athlete Directory is a database of female athletes and their presence on the web, making it easier for their fans to follow them.

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