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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Sports Equipment Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. There are many websites that purport to sell "women's sports equipment". We don't believe frilly tank tops and pink capri pants constitute sports equipment for women. These sites cater to the female athlete! We also tried to get sports companies that were run by women or exclusively for women, instead of a small "womens section " in a man's sportsstore.

Helpful Women's Sports Equipment Links:
Bella Mia Sportswear
Dee's Sportswear for Women
Eastern Mountian Sports-sporting gear to athletic women for outdoor sports and fitness.
Enell-performance apparel for well-endowed women.
Epic Sports-women's soccer.
Blue Ridge Sports Graphics-Womens Outdoor Sports, Fun and Adventure T-shirts.
Ladies Only Sports-Fitness apparel for Women.
Longstreth Women's Sports-Apparel for all womens sports, specializing in Field Hockey, Fastpitch Softball and Womens Lacrosse.
Personalized Sports Balls-Unique Photo Gifts.
She Gear-Clothing, equipment and adventure for women, particularly for women involved in extreme sports.
Safe Shopping Network-Tested Safest Women's Sports Websites and directory of sports equipment made for women.
Sports For Her-is an online sporting goods store for female athletes.
Sports Her Way-Lacrosse and Field Hockey.
Title IX Sports
Women's Sports Gear
Women's Sports UK
Women's Sports Link-team sports and women's sports apparel.

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