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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Exercise and Fitness Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Exercise and staying fit is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Use these links to start yourself on your way to a healthy you.

Helpful Women's Exercise and Fitness Links:
About-Fitness, Weight Loss, Exercise, and Women.
BodyFitLife-The Fitness, Exercise, and Health Fit... because It Fits. Fitness, health, beauty and weight loss results.
Busy Women's Fitness
Denise Austin-personal online trainer.
Exercise and Menopause.
Fit and Fabulous Woman
Fit And Female-blog
The Fit Map for Women- your portal for health and fitness.
Fit Women Over 40
Fit Women Over 40-Blog
Fitness Jump Site-two women personal trainers help you get fit and stay active-lots of articles.
Fitness Magazine
Fun Fit and Fabulous
I am Superchick-this site has has designed unique Women's Fitness routines, and online personal training videos service for women.
Health and Fitness Tips-tips on how to get healthy and fit. Relieve arthritis, lose weight, get rid of acne and more.
Lady Trainers to Go-based in Dallas, but good info.
Life Tips-womens fitness.
My Personal Fitness Trainer-Your Online Personal Fitness Training and Healthy Meal Planning Solution.
Real Women's Fitness
Senior Sports Foundation
Shape-women's health and fitness magazine.
She Loves Sports-information and interaction with other women athlets.
Stretching Exercises for Women
Women's Exercise Network-Don't Train alone. Find supportive people to talk sports with in an encouraging forum.
Women's Exercise Research Center-(WERC) of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Exercise programs.
Women's Fitness.net-lots of how-to-info.
Women's Fitness Lifetips
Women's Health.gov-physical acticity and exercise.
Women's Health Magazine-fitness
Women's Tri Fitness

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