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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Football Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Women's Football can mean a lot of things (see right side bar), and yes, we know that for the rest of the world you mean soccer, but here in the Good Ol' USA, we mean tackle! Unless, of course, you play women's flag football to save on equipment costs and hospital bills.

Helpful Women's Football Links:
The BB Deaf Women Flag Football team
Chicks in the Huddle- blog
The Cowichan Women's Flag Football League
The Independent Women's Football League (IWFL)
International Women's Flag Football Association-and their facebook page.
Flag Football Magazine
The Football Girl-becuase women love football, too
The IWFFA Blog-keep up with women's flag football.
Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's Flag Football Championship
NFL Women, wedded to the game-another blog-the Real Lives of NFL Women.
The Real Muck-tackle football blog.
Sports Know How-rules, field dimesions, how to.
Women's American Flag Football Federation
Women's American Football Club-all things related to women playing football.
Women's Football League
Women's Football Talk
Women's Football Talk Radio
Women's Gridiron Magazine
Women Play Football-we specialize in apparel for women who play tackle football.
Women's Professional Football League
Women Tackle-forum to discuss women's football
Women Tackle Football Group-The #1 Women's Football Info Board.

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Intro to Women's Football
Women's football can mean one of the following (curtsey of Wikipedia):
Women's Australian rules football
Women's American football
Women's football (soccer)
Women's rugby union
Women's rugby league
Ladies' Gaelic football

Football Basics For Women-help with the game is here.

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