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Women's College Sports History
The evolution of women's college sports

History of the NCAA

Women's College World Series History

Women's Pre-Title IX Sports History in the United States

Womens' History Of Sport
Sports Know How has the history of a lot of sports, might not be women-centric per se, but look them up by category.

Women's Sports Quotes
Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Sports History Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. We concentrated on the history of Women's Sport.

Helpful Women's Sports History Links:
All American Girls Baseball League-first ladies in baseball.
Anniversaries in Women's History 2007
Did you know March was Women's History-Month
Distinguished Women of Past and Present-Sports
Fact Monster
Firsts in American Women's History-lesson plan.
First Ladies of Baseball
History of Fast Pitch Softball
History of Softball
History of Volleyball-includes women
History of Women in Golfing
History of Women in Sports Timeline
History of Women's Professional Baseball
History of Women's Tennis
More Women in Sports-history
The National Women's History Project (NWHP)-okay it's not sports-centric, but great histroy.
Timeline: Women in Sports-From Mt. Olympus to Cooperstown, N.Y.
Women's History Resources-Women in Sports
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame-with history and current events in women's basketball.
Women's Basketball Time Line-from the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.
Women's Ice Hockey History
Women's Rights National Historic Parkand News.
Women's Soccer History in the USA- An Overview.
Women's Sports History Resources and Timeline
Women's Sports Online-get to know people who have contributed to the glory of sport.

History of Title IX:
Studies show that female athletes do better in school and are less likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs, and get pregnant, and that athletics give women and girls the confidence to do well in the business world. Title IX helps give women opportunities for athletics. Recently, Women's Health Magazine published a series of articles stressing the importance of Title IX.

Women's Pre-Title IX Sports History in the United States by Womens Sports Foundation

Title IX: A Brief History
History of Title IX
AAUW - A Brief History of Title IX-A timeline of key events in the history of Title IX.
Legislative History of Title IX
How Title IX was won
Title IX is in Danger
Why Title IX Matters
Who's PLaying College Sports

Check in on Title IX Q and A and Title IX at Risk and how you can help Save Title IX.

Keep up with the latest news from the Title IX Blog

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Women's Sports Biographies
A Women a Week-read some interesting profiles.

Distinguished women of past and present-Sports.

Famous Athletes-look for women.

Girl Skaters-Bios and Photos of Female Skaters

Notable Female Athletes-from Fact Monster.

Sports Illustrated 100 Greatest Female Athletes-women's athletes biographies.

Sports Bios

Sports Biographies and Memoirs-from Women's Sports.net.

Women's Biography Sites

Women in Sports-dedicated to providing role models of women athletes.

Women in Sports-Fact Monster-bios and lots of firsts.

Women's Profiles-Women Athlete Profiles.

Women Sport Report Athletes- Women Athletes page

Women's Sports Biographies

Womens' History Quiz
Take this Women in History Quiz!
And then take this Women in History Quiz!

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Women’s History T-Shirt
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