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Love Your Body Quiz
Take this Love Your Body Quiz!-from the National Organization of Women.

Women's Sports Blog on Body Image
Women's Sports Blog-female athletes, body image, pop culture lambasting.

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Women's Sports Quotes
Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Image Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. Nothing is more important then having a positive body image of oneself. With the bombardment of a certain “type” of women's body image in the media, it’s important to realize that not "one size fits all", and we come in all sorts of healthy shapes and sizes. Sports has always helped to give women healthy body images. Use these links to have a healthy outlook on your own body image.

Helpful Women's Image Links:
A Women a Week-read some interesting profiles
About Face- promotes positive self esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, and races.
Beauty and Body Image in the Media-from the Media Awareness Network.
Body Image-loving yourself inside and out.
Body Positive-looks at ways we can feel good in the bodies we have.
Books on Body Image
Distinguished Women of Past and Present-Sports
Game Face-what does a female athlete look like?
A Healthy Me-body image.
Loving Your Body Inside and Out-from the Federal Goverment Source for Women's Health Infornation
Our Bodies Ourselves
Peak Performance-Body image and How sport improves the body image of adolescent girls.
Promoting Healthier Body Image-from women's fitness.
Real Women Project
Strong Women.com-promoting positive change in women of all ages to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, programs, and support.
Women and Body Image
Women's Body Image: What Influences?-article from Honeymag.com.
Women's Body Image Issues
Women's Image-articles from Medical News Today
Women's Image Network-a non-profit media advocacy corporation to promote gender parity.
Women in Sports-dedicated to providing role models of women athletes
Women's Profiles
Women's Sports Blog-body image.
Women's Sports Bios
Women's Sports Foundation-(Dis)Empowering Images? Media Representations of Women in Sport.
Women's Sports Photo World-Cool Pix and articles.
Women of Action Network- celebrating women of action.

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Women's Sports Biographies
A Women a Week-read some interesting profiles.

Distinguished women of past and present-Sports.

Girl Skaters-Bios and Photos of Female Skaters

Notable Female Athletes-from Fact Monster.

Sports Illustrated 100 Greatest Female Athletes-women's athletes biographies.

Sports Bios

Women's Biography Sites

Women in Sports-dedicated to providing role models of women athletes.

Women in Sports-Fact Monster-bios and lots of firsts.

Women's Profiles-Women Athlete Profiles.

Women Sport Report Athletes- Women Athletes page

Women's Sports Biographies

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