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Women's Bicycling History
The Bicycle Escape

Victorian Station

Women and Bicycles

Women and Bicycling History

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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Mountain Biking Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. All you need is a bike. A Mountain Bike! Simple, right? Not quite. And, oh, don't forget a helmet! And extra bandaids for road rash. Wear your strawberries with pride! Check out our women's bicycling links as well.

Helpful Women's Mountain Biking Links:
Betty Go Hard-women who go for it!
Dirt Divas
Dirt Girls-women who go for it!
Dirt Rag-underground mag.
Dirt Series-Mountain bike camps, and technical skills instruction.
Endless Biking-camps, clinics, private lessons and tours.
The Fit for Women Tour-travels throughout the country offering women riders of all abilities an opportunity to experience Trek WSD bikes and accessories.
Flowersports-specializes in womens fitness apparel for cyclists.
Jett Grrl Bike Studio-aimed at educating women about their bikes and how to take care of them.
Ladies Cycling.net
Loeka-women's mountain bike clothing and events.
Michigan Mountain biking Association-The MMBA supports special programs that encourage greater female participation in mountain biking
Montana Dirt Girls
Mountain Bike Chicks
MTBR-Women's Forum-chat, ask questions
Muddbunnies-online women's cycling community
Sedona MTB Adventures-Mountain bike Sedona, guided tours. All skill levels and group sizes are welcome.
Sun Dog Athletics-women's biking clinics
Team Estrogen-is dedicated to meeting the needs of every woman who wants to ride her bike in comfort and style.
Team Estrogen Forum-to discuss women's mountian biking.
Team Ford-women's Pro mountain bike racing team.
Velo Bella-promoting healthy and active lifestyles
Velo Girls-Bay Area
Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women
Wombats-women mountain biking and tea society
Women's Mountain Bikes-from wheel and sprocket.
Women's Mountain Biking Camp-over the bars.
Women's Mountain Biking Guide-Information on women's specific mountain bike frames and products, and advice specifically for women riders.
Women's On Mountain Bikes-Discover the thrill of mountain biking with other women!
Women's Only Mountain Biking
Women's Tours-Bicycle tours for women
Women's Wilderness Mountain Biking Courses

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Intro to Women's Bicyling
Introduction to Cycling for Women- good links for beginners and above from Mother Nature. It gives out advice such as, Do You Need a Womens Bike, and good advice about that all important seat.

Another article about needing a women's seat.

Do I Need a Women's Specific Mountain Bike?

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