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How to pick out a running shoe-check out WSI's article about how to pick out a shoe without breaking the bank

History of Women's Running
History of Women's Running and links to other running sites

Security on the Run-Learn how to stay safe and secure on your runs.

Safety-from Running her Planet

Running and Self Defense

Tips on Running in Inclement Weather

Reflective Gear
Reflective Running gear (shoes,clothing) is all the rage. Start here to educate yourself.

Or, go to these sites and get what you need. Night Gear-reflective running.

Roadrunner Sports-reflective running.

Running Unlimited-Safety/Reflective Gear.

Ask Coach Jenny
Have a question about running or racing? Then ask Coach Jenny, of Runners World Magazine your women's running questions.

wrist water bottle
Swiggies was invented as an alternative to fanny packs and having to carry water bottles while exercising. This new hands-free approach is simple and easy to use. You just fill them up with water and go!

Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Running Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. For running gear, instead of choosing cotton that stays damp when you sweat, choose newer fabrics that take moisture away from your skin and dry faster. No matter what our sport, the garment that is touching our skin we make sure is this kind of lightweight, highly breathable fabric. Search for keywords like "dri weave", "wick away", "nylon",  "lycra", "microfiber" and "mesh". Champion just introduced a new line called "double dry." It works great for running, bras, shorts, tops. The main thing to look for in this type of clothing is either thin, breathable fabric or panels that pull moisture away from your skin. And see our running page for more women's running info and links. So go out there and get running

Helpful Women's Running links-
A Time to Run-articles on motivation, femininity and running
About-Running and Jogging-Specific to Women Running
Active For Women-health, races
Buff Betty
Caution, Redhead Running-running blog
Chic Runner-women's running blog.
Complete Running-womens
Fast Women
Girls On the Run
NCAA Women's Track and Field Indoor
NCAA Women's Track and Field Outdoor
NCAA Women's Cross College
Run Injury Free
Run the Planet
Run Walk Jog
Running 4 Women
Run Diva
Running for Women
Runner Girl
Runner Mom
Running World
Runner's Web-women
Running Times-women's
Second Wind Running Club-womens
See Jane Run-San Francisco-area women's resource for clinics, training, clothing, and all else running (and now triathlon too!).
See Mommy Run-motivation, find running groups
Speedy Sneakers-is dedicated to promoting womens' health and fitness for life through walking and running programs.
The Running Women
Women Runners
Women Running Central
Women's Running Race-one of the oldest races, on Mother's Day
Your Running.com-Share your passion here!

Where to find places to run:
All sport Running-look up by race or by area
Bay Area Races-lists races
Cool Runnings-find by event or race
GetSetUSA.com-Get information about running, walking, triathlon, duathlon, sports by selecting a state.
Run the Planet-Where to run and walk in the cities of the whole world.
Run Race-All States
Running places-Find Runs, Groups And Races In Your Area Or When Traveling
Do It Sports-race events
Running Network-races
Run Walk Jog-California Races
Women's Distance Festivals-lists races that are women's races or has a special women's only start time or wave.

San Francisco Bay Area Running Places and Races
Bay Area Races-lists races
Endurables-Running around San Francisco.
GetSetCA.com-Get information about running in California.
Palo Alto Run Club
Pacific Trail Runs-Runs that Aren't Races in Beautiful Places
Race Reports-list of triathlons for men and women
SF Dolphin South End Run Club
The Scheduler.COM
Team in Training -Walk or Run, Half or Full Marathons, 100-Mile Bike Rides and Triathlons.

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Cool Links

Women's Running T-Shirt
Runner Chick Women’s T-shirt
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Marathon Info:
Marathon Guide.com
First Time Marathoners.com
Half and Full Marathons
Marathon and Beyond
Marathon crowd safety tips
Marathon Planet-where runners shop
Nike Women’s Marathon Training Plans and Blog
Time to Run-Marathons
The fight to Establish the Women's Race-from marathon guide

Want to run a marathon in all 50 states and the District of Columbia?

Women's Running T-Shirt
Marathon, the Pride is Forever
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Women's Running Blogs
Runner’s Rambles
Vermeulen Blog
Runs for Fun 26 (Tara)
Just a bit of Megs
Mission to A(nother) Marathon
Life is a Marathon
Docs to Crocs to Flops
Road Bunner
C Nic Run
Run Granola Run
Sheila Runs
Delusions of others peoples grandeur
Sasha Says
Nanners Bread
Jenny Run
Running Far and Strong
Discombobulated Running
Adventure Seeker
Holly on the Run
The Perfect Balance
Brandi’s Blurbs
Modern Day Runner
Run Faster Mommy
I am that Pink Girl
Objects and Events
Jer Bear
Run For Wine
Kelsey Toney
Run to the Finish
Tall Mom on the Run
Gazelles on Crack
Run to the Border
Runnr Grrl
Just Running For Fun
Running Just As Fast
Fit Bottomed Girls
Lily on the Road
Kb Runs Chas
Running in Pigtails
Slow MoFo
Girl on Top
The Healthiest Habits
Ambitious Aspirations
Happy Feet 26.2
Angry Julie Monday
Yummy Running
Running and Rambling
Run ’til I’m Fun
Gina Harris
Tri-Chick Julie
Running Commentaries
The Happy Runner
Journeys of Jen
Chasing the Kenyans
Running with Wine
Run Jen Run
Endurance Turtle
Caution, Red Hair Running
Running with a Bottle of Wine
Jenn Schac

Other Women's Running Info:
Women's Exercise Network-Don't Train alone. Find supportive people to talk sports with in an encouraging forum.

Common Running Injuries-from Running 4 Women Website.

EnviroSports-marathons, halfs, other races in CA with emphasis on running in nature.

Running Shoes.org-resource for finding the best running shoes to fit your needs.

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