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Swimming Info:
Swimming Tips

Swimming Strokes

Swimming Technique-Swim Smooth

Swimming Guide-shows strokes in visual form.

Glossary of Swimming Terms

History of Swim wear

Swimming Terms

Top End Sports-Swimming Terms

7 Essential Swim Training Tips For Women

Learn to Swim
Adult Learn to Swim- Oakland, age 14 and up
Maki Swim School-Adult Swim Lessons.
Total Immersion swimming- technique instruction for adult swimmers, and where to find a coach
Water Aerobics-links to water aerobics & exercise

women's swimming

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Welcome to Women's Sports Information's
Women's Swimming Links-We gathered some links that pertain to the women's side of this category. For recreational swimming for women, it all begins with a suit. I need a suit that will stay up and maybe even make me look good. Speedo does well for me. And googles are a must for any time spent in pools.

Helpful Women's Swimming Links:
Go Swim-articles, postings, tips.
International Swimming Hall of Fame
Lake Lubbers Swimming 101-links to Biomechanics, Hydrodynamics, Physiology, Psychology of swiming as well as training tips and techniques, with famous swimmers.
Lap Swimming Etiquette-find helpful info on entering the pool, pass and being passed, general awareness,  & common sense.
NCAA Women's Swimming and Diving-offical college page.
Nutrition 101- from USA Swimming.
Nutrition Training and Competition-geared for swimming.
Pacific Masters Swim-for Western US- Programs are open to all adult swimmers.
Scuba Women.Org-for women divers.
ISport Swimming-connecting you to swimming.
Swim.com-connecting you to swimming.
Swim City-good links.
Swim News-Info and links.
Swim Technique and Workouts
Swim Tips-categories ranging from Competitive Swim Wear to Swimwear for Kids.
Swimming Exercises-Information and Workout Techniques.
Swimming Sport-news from around the world.
Swimming Tips For Pregnant Moms
Swimming World Magazine-independent resource for swimming.
United States Master Swim-articles, techniques, swimming for life.
USA Swimming.org-official website.
Women's Conference-USA
Women's Olympic Swimming Records

Women's Swimming Camps:
Find Swim and water polo Camps and
Find Camps from USA Swimming
Find a Swim Club
SF Go Kids-swim programs for active kids
USA Swimming-camps and clinics
Water sports-surf camps, kayaking

Women's Swimming History:
Ancient Origins of Swimming
History of Women's Swimwear!
History of Women's Swimming
Swimming From the Beginning
Swimming History
Swimming Stars and Bios, History's Famous Swimmers
Women's History in Competitive Swimming

Women's College Swimming Headlines
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Cool Links

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Swimming holes web site for over 750 beautiful, natural places for a dip in the US and Canada.

Swimming Safety
Hawaii Beach Safety
Healthy Swimming
Infant Swim Resource-don't forget the little ones! This website helps prevent infant drowning.
Keeping Children Safe In, On, and Around the Water
Lifesaving.com-Drowning Prevention Links.
National Safety Council Safety at the pool and what to do if you see someone drowning.
Pool and Spa Safety Publications
Open Water Swim-10 safety tips.
Pool Safety for Children
Rip Tide and Rip Current Safety
Swimming Safety Tips for Kids-includes a quiz.
Water Awareness in Residential Neighborhoods (WARN)
Water Safety for Your School-age Child

women's swimming

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Women's Swimming Headlines and Stories

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